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What promotional gadgets for summer?

Contents1 Why is summer a good time for advertising?2 Holidays are the perfect time for advertising3 What summer gadgets besides beach ones?4 What can I advertise on a wristband or lanyard?5 Which summer gadgets to choose? With the first warm day of spring, customers of start looking for summer [...]

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Tyvek paper wristbands are not just for identification but also great advertising tools

Contents1 A personalized Tyvek wristband as a company advertisement.2 Tyvek paper wristband in the virtual world.3 Which wristbands to choose? Tyvek or Cinta®?4 What advertising [...]


Rema Days: Poland’s Largest Advertising and Printing Trade Fair

Contents1 Promotional Wristbands Steal the Show2 Personal Client Meetings3 Conclusion The prestigious Rema Days trade fair in Poland saw Cintapunto participating with pride as an [...]