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In addition, identification by color or print makes it much easier for event participants to find suitable zones for which they bought tickets. Thus, fans will always quickly find their sector, and spectators the place corresponding to their ticket in the concert hall.
Offering custom wristbands for events we guarantee efficient and safe organized movement of your event participants. Our offer includes:
  1. Wide range of colors, allowing you to choose any color scheme, individual for each event.
  2. A variety of materials for customized event wristbands: Tyvek, Cinta, PVC.
  3. Extended protection against fraudsters: the wristbands cannot be removed and transferred to another person, as well as counterfeited thanks to the individual numbering of each bracelet. This is simply impossible.
  4. Reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts for regular customers.
  5. Oder fulfillment within 1 day.
  6. Fastest delivery to any country in the world.
At Cintapunto, we manufacture wristbands to keep you safe and orderly during your event, while guaranteeing worry-free entertainment for your guests.
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