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Custom wristbands

Wristbands are perfect for both either entry control or mass events and as a gadget that can be an event souvenir and stay with its owner for longer.

What type of wristband to choose? It depends on its application. The identification bands used in clubs for short-term need are Tyvek tapes - disposable but durable and cannot be removed without damage.


During major festivals cloth wristbands are used, they are made of fabric and are highly durable, thus they are comfortable and do not interfere while wearing during several days of the event. Bracelets made of this material are often kept as souvenirs.


More elegant analogue of such bracelets are vinyl wristbands with plastic clasps, which are often used by travel agencies to identify people.


Silicone wristbands are perceived as one of the most successfull promotional marketing tools. Moreover, they are attractive, comfortable, and hypoallergenic. People willingly ware and even collect them.

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