Silicone proximity wristbands with RFID

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Product specification

Min Quantity:100 pcs.
Available Colors:Pantone, CMYK
Print Methodscreen printing
RFID Tag:adapted to customer needs
Lead time:14 business days
Lead time, express mode:10 business days
Shipping:3-5 business days
Payment methods:Stripe, PayPal, bank transfer
Silicone proximity wristbands with RFID
Silicone proximity wristbands with RFID

Silicone wristbands with RFID

RFID proximity wristbands are a more technically advanced variant of silicone wristbands. Radio Frequency Identification technology is based on wireless communication that uses electromagnetic waves. This makes it possible to identify people or objects.

Examples of applications of RFID wristbands

Radio identification greatly facilitates the control of event participants, and also fulfills other useful functions – thanks to special chips built into the structure of the wristbands, you can, for example, pay with them for services at the festival. Other possibilities of their usedge are, for example, time control systems, access control, automation, location confirmation. Contactless wristbands are therefore great for places such as hospitals, swimming pools, or saunas, offices, factories. RFID bracelets also allow event organizers to collect marketing information about customers, their preferences and customs.

WYou can read more about RFID technology at our blog, read on!

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