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Paper wristbands

Exclusive and stylish. Our custom paper wristbands are available in two variants Tyvek wristbands and Cinta® Premium wristbands. They are both affordable and durable. Although Tyvek wristbands are very popular and have already been proven as an ideal option for public events, we decided to make your occasion brighter and more comfortable with our new Cinta® Premium wristbands.

Two excellent choices. No wrong answers. Our paper wrist bands for events are water-proof and nontransferable ensuring they cannot be spoiled or get into the wrong hands.

Paper wristbands are typically used for nightclubs and parties, but they can become an excellent solution for any occasion. All the core features: event admission, security checks, age verification; make Paper wrist bands the ultimate gadget for your event. At an incredible price.

Any artwork. Any messages. Any color. Any style you want. Order stock or customized paper wristbands for events with an exclusive design.

Give your guests a lovely complement with the custom paper wrist bands! Choose to be vivid and free-spirited while levelling up the style and even aura of your occasion with the most youthful and fascinating paper wristbands for events.

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