What promotional gadgets for summer?

With the first warm day of spring, customers of cintapunto.eu start looking for summer promotional gadgets. These may include printed wind-screens, printed promotional deck chairs, or beach bags with a logo. However, beyond the obvious choices, such gadgets can include promotional lanyards, paper wristbands, concert wristbands, silicone wristbands, and many others.

Why is summer a good time for advertising?

In winter, promotion methods are limited due to indoor spaces and often confined to closed rooms. When it starts to warm up, outdoor events begin and last until late autumn. This is a great opportunity to promote your brand or project. Such gatherings sometimes attract dozens of people and end with even hundreds of thousands of concerts and festivals. Here, fabric identification wristbands and TYVEK paper wristbands work great.

Holidays are the perfect time for advertising

On vacation, people go to have fun, relax, and therefore spend money. Going to the beach, they take deck chairs, a screen, and a beach bag. Each of these items can carry advertising. By purchasing several pieces of such beach promotional gadgets, we can, for example, advertise our seaside guesthouse. With a cool idea, all beachgoers will pay attention and start recognizing our brand. A deck chair or screen can also be a great promotional gadget used by large corporations promoting their drinks on hot summer days, for example. In this case, advertising agencies can offer their clients many interesting solutions. It should be remembered that planning a large campaign and preparing gadgets in large quantities often takes place in winter or even autumn.

What summer gadgets besides beach ones?

In addition to the previously mentioned typical beach gadgets, special solutions are all kinds of TYVEK paper wristbands, fabric wristbands, and printed silicone wristbands. Often, these promotional gadgets are purchased as identifiers at club events or large concerts and festivals. The color alone indicates, for example, who has the right to move within a given event zone. However, it is a pity to waste such a great opportunity and wristbands for identification should also be treated simply as an excellent surface for virtually free use.

What can I advertise on a wristband or lanyard?

In the case of lanyards, you can make double-sided or single-sided prints with any content. The same goes for silicone wristbands. Tyvek paper wristbands, on the other hand, are printed on one side. In addition to being a graphic carrier, wristbands are an interesting promotional gadget because they can transport us into the virtual world. Paper and silicone wristbands can be equipped with an electronic chip or printed with a QR code, which provides additional advertising possibilities.

Which summer gadgets to choose?

We described above what summer promotional gadgets are. Often, small clients and advertising agencies are not sure which gadgets to combine to make the campaign complete. That is why Cintapunto employees are here to help and assist in creating a campaign that brings maximum benefits and customer satisfaction.


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